New logistics center planned to boost economy and job opportunities in Kechnec

In the heart of the Košice-okolie district, a new logistics center is set to emerge, according to a recent proposal by Kiss Develop company. The planned logistics hub is intended to serve as storage space for potential tenants.

The center will consist of two separate buildings with a total built-up area of over 19,600 square meters. Additionally, provisions are made for ample parking space for 20 passenger cars. While the proposal does not include parking for freight vehicles, its main objective is to provide efficient and modern solutions for storage and logistics.

Estimates suggest that up to 26 employees could work in administrative roles within this new logistics center, with an additional 28 engaged in activities directly related to logistics operations. This project could not only bring economic benefits to the area but also create new job opportunities for local residents.

Given the current market demands and the growing need for storage space, the planned logistics center in Kechnec represents an important step towards strengthening the infrastructure of this area and supporting innovation and economic growth. We await the further development and realization of this project, which could have a positive impact not only on the local economy but also on the overall development of the region.

Source: TASR