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Warehouse or production hall for lease in Topolčany

TopoľčanyOffer No. MT-TOPOLČANY-015

We offer for lease a production hall suitable for assembling machines, storing and handling loads.

• LOCATION: Topolčany - Nitra Region, industrial zone, connection to the R1 highway - 35 km. Distance from Bratislava 100km.

1. Total area: 7130m2. The total size of three naves is 100x53 m, the fourth nave is separated by a solid wall.
2. Hall height: 10.1m and the height of the crane bridge is 7.2m.
3. Floor load capacity: Maximum load of 3000kg/m2.
4. Production infrastructure: Equipped with compressed air distribution, fire water distribution and power distribution.
5. Access: Direct drive.
6. Offices: The building has a conference room, office space, dining room and sanitary facilities.
7. Parking: own parking in the area.

We will try to do everything possible to find a perfect and suitable warehouse/ hall tailored to your specific requirements. In case you are interested in consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Price on Request


Hala A3,000–7,130 sq. m.10 mImmediately to 6 months
Available within 6 months
7,130 sq. m.
Available from 6 months
Total Area
7,130 sq. m.

Additional Information



10 m
Load Capacity
3 t/sq. m.

About the Region

Nitra Region

Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
198,199 sq. m.
Under Construction
Future Construction
104,411 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
26,527 sq. m.

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