Warehouse with services for lease, storage of pallets Madunice

HlohovecOffer No. JV-MAD-PS-066

We offer for rent pallet places in the "A" warehouse in Madunice. It is the most modern and largest refrigerated and frozen food warehouse in Slovakia. A total of 16,800 pallet places

Refrigerated warehouse - 3,000 pallet places
Frozen warehouse - 13,000 pallet places

If you are interested, we will be happy to prepare an offer for storage. Do not hesitate to contact us and request more information. In this location we offer several interesting industrial buildings.

Price on Request

Additional Information

Quantity of Pallets from
30 pcs
Available up to
19,000 pcs

About the Region

Trnava Region

Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
940,480 sq. m.
Under Construction
113,498 sq. m.
Future Construction
979,754 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
144,359 sq. m.

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