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RFQ (Request for Quotation)

RFQ, short for "Request for Quotation". It is a standard business process whereby an organisation asks a supplier or service provider to submit a quotation for certain goods or services. The RFQ specifies details of the products or services required, including quantities, specifications, quality criteria and the required delivery timeframe.

The objective of the RFQ is to obtain and compare prices from different lessors in order to select the most advantageous offer in terms of price, standard, delivery time and other relevant factors. This process is often used within the purchasing departments of large companies, in public procurement and in projects where the scope of supplies or services needs to be precisely defined before a contract is signed.

RFQs are an essential tool for transparent and efficient purchasing, helping to ensure that an organisation gets the best possible value for money when purchasing goods and services. In this case, lease space.

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