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GROSS Take-up

The term "GROSS Take-up" includes all leasing activity for a given time period and geographic unit. This is usually a quarterly statistic for the whole country or region. "GROSS Take-up" refers to the total amount of space that has been leased in a given time period, including new contracts and renewals of existing contracts. This indicator provides a broader view of overall market activity as it includes both new demand and retention of existing leases. As in the case of 'NET Take-up', only 'A' standard space and transactions from 1,000 sqm upwards are counted in the 108 RE methodology.

By using "GROSS Take-up" as an indicator, investors, developers and analysts can gain a comprehensive view of the market that includes both growth (new contracts) and stability (contract renewals). This indicator is key to understanding market dynamics and overall market activity. This indicator can help in strategic planning and decision making for new investments.

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